Hope for the Children Online: Websites, Media, and Social Media

Of course our work will always be primarily directly with people, but we also have several online programs that are enriching life on the planet.
We are especially grateful to Jim Mauro who designs, maintains, updates, and protects all our sites.




Our Foundation’s primary website is easy to navigate. It provides a clear, concise overview of our mission and activities in the U.S. and around the world.

The newly revamped site is now the flagship of this new grassroots movement, containing memes and videos to promote this cause so crucial in our time.

By far our most successful website, AJ is visited by over 100,000 viewers a month. We are recognized as a top news source for anything regarding Antarctica.
We are especially proud of our Soul Fountain art and literary journal section. We receive submissions from poets, writers, artists, and photographers from all over the world.

Tony has worked in youth ministry for half a century. This site catalogues the knowledge and best resources he accumulated. This thorough and professional site is visited by over 20,000 youth workers a month.

This site is a gateway to our performing arts venue in NYC

Timor Leste is a country in SE Asia that is poor economically, but rich culturally. Our site is the only current doorway for the world to be introduced to this country’s artistic and literary heritage.

The book and film “The Shack” was the inspiration for an actual spiritual encounter experience venue. While no longer housed in the real world, the website virtually provides an opportunity for individual unique spiritual growth.


Facebook Pages


Hope for the Children
Contains news about our global projects

Civilization of Love
This site contains memes and information connected to our website, moving viewers to take action.

Contains a rich variety of inspirational religious and spiritual memes

barefoot prophet
Features spiritual and creative inspirational memes

Secret Files of Zero Gravity
Our comedy Facebook page containing humorous memes ranging from the silly to the sarcastic

The man in black
A collection of no-nonsense observations, as well as motivational, and inspirational memes

Antarctica Journal
Serves as a great doorway to the news, humor, and creative writing on our website.





With almost 3000 subscribers and several hundred videos, our Youtube channel provides, mini-retreat experiences, inspirational and motivations presentations on real life, spiritual issues, and their connection. There are also in-depth series on mental health issues, youth ministry, and men’s spirituality.